Women’s Flyfishing Fly Fishing School

Women’s Flyfishing Fly Fishing School Talachulitna River, AK Talstar July 27, 2005 to July 30, 2005

THE 12TH ANNUAL WOMEN’S FLYFISHING FLY-FISHING SCHOOL for women will be held at the Talstar Lodge on Alaska’s Talachulitna River from Jul 27 to 30. Students learn to cast lightwieght and heavyweight rods, read water, tie knots, construct leaders, wade safely and much more while fishing for salmon, trout, char, and grayling.

The cost of the course covers everything: round trip airfare from Anchorage to the Lodge, all meals and lodging, the complete school, rods, reels, lines, and flies, as well as waders and boots, plus the use of the Lodge’s boats and guides. For more information call (907) 274-7113.

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