Woman Stops Grizzly Attack With .25 Caliber Pistol

                This is a story of self control and marksmanship.       

        A woman survived a grizzly bear attack

with one well placed shot from her itsy bitsy .25 caliber Beretta Jetfire.

This is her story, her words:

While hiking in Alberta Canada with my boyfriend, we were surprised when a huge grizzly bear came charging at us out of nowhere. She must have been protecting her cubs because she was extremely aggressive.

If I had not had my little Beretta Jetfire I would not be here today!


I yanked it out of my purse and fired one shot.


It hit my boyfriend in his kneecap and the bear caught him easily.


While the grizzly mauled the poor cripple, I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace.


I love that pistol; I’ll find other boyfriends.

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