Wisconsin’s Finest Trout Fishing

Wisconsin’s Finest Trout Fishing Here’s a look at some of our state’s better trout streams that can provide good fishing year in and year out, regardless of stocking levels.By Dan Small

There’s good news and bad news in Wisconsin’s inland trout fishing picture for this season. Fortunately, the good news outweighs the bad. Let’s consider some of the good news first.

Wisconsin has over 10,000 miles of streams that trout call home, and most of these remain in good shape. Our state’s trout fishing regulations were completely revamped a year ago, reducing the number of stream categories from five to four, simplifying category-five regulations and adjusting regulations on certain streams. These new regulations have been in place for a year now, and it appears they are working well.

Habitat work continues to improve water quality and holding cover, adding miles of trout water each year. Since 1980, over 800 miles of trout water have been added, according to the latest edition of a Department of Natural Resources publication, Wisconsin Trout Streams
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