Winter steels? Late run coho/chinook/summers?

hey all,
I’m the president of the newly founded Lewis&Clark College Fishing Club. I’m looking to put some members onto some fish. As soon as I was back here in August, I was out around my favorite holes on the clack/sandy and did surprisingly well, but the holes aren’t accessible without waders or a steel will and wading experience. So I started looking for easier access spots and just as I was finding some solid spots, for the low water, the onslaught of rain came and blew em all out…. Now the end of the semester is close and with the craziness of final papers/projects/exams, I don’t have the time to get out there as much as I’d like.

Looking for any suggestions on where to try.
I’m thinking winters might be the best bet now? been reading about early winters in the lower sandy and thought I’d give that a try tomorrow.
Anything salmon/steelhead, decently easy bank access or spots on fire right now would be awesome! what’ve you got??!

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winter-steels-late-run-cohochinooksummers Winter steels? Late run coho/chinook/summers?  

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