What Is Your Favorite Beachmaster?

Hey all. Once again, looks like mother nature has one more adventure for us before we can really start up fishing and really get spring underway! I have searched the forum for a “Favorite Beachmaster” thread and do not see one. So I thought I would ask my fellow fishermen the question above as we get ready for the 2014 season…What is your favorite Beachmaster Lure? 

Bobby from Beachmaster has been releasing legendary and outstanding plugs for years now. First and for most these plugs are made to catch fish, made to be used and abused! I get a Beachmaster, I am using it! For years Beachmaster has been putting out plugs made to last with the highest quality in mind. Attention to detail and the priority of putting out a top notch plug has been the Beachmaster way in my opinion. 

I look forward to seeing everyones response to my question. What is your favorite Beachmaster Lure and why? Some cool fishing stories to go with the answer would be cool. what-is-your-favorite-beachmaster What Is Your Favorite Beachmaster?

Good luck to all in your 2014 Season coming !

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