What Is The Wierdest Lure You’ve Caught Bass On? – BassResource.com (press release)

Years ago my bud and I were archery hunting. We decided to go back to camp fpr some lunch and to try a farm pond for some bass. I always carried a cou[ple of old rod and reels in my truck along with some plastic worms. Not very many though. After lunch we headed to that pond. We were catching bass on these  red plastic worms. Between the bass  tearing up our worms and us losing more, we ran out. The fishing was great so we thought we’d just fish for a while longer but we were out of lures. Here’s what we did. We scraped our red plastic fletchings off our arrows, put em on our hooks and continued catching bass the rest of the afternoon. It was wierd, but a lot of fun. No we didn’t go hunting until the next morning. smile What Is The Wierdest Lure You've Caught Bass On? - BassResource.com (press release)

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