What a day !

Well here goes , if you get bored I’m sorry !
Day off today so I had planned all week to keep the other half happy & take her out to the Solent in my little boat bream fishing as she enjoys that & I could fit a little luring in at the same time , well yesterday she tells me the westie (dog)is booked in for a flipping haircut and won’t be finished till 1pm … Oh well I thought I can still hitch the boat on and get down south by late afternoon to catch some fishing in the evening …. Sounds like a plan … When she picked the dog up she then tells me that she’s NOT going fishing because it’s too hot !!!!!!
So I start to cut the grass instead holding my temper !! As usually happens when I’m mowing the grass I come up with great ideas & at 4pm decide to grab my lure gear and head off to Dorset on my own ( with the wife’s approval of course ) anyway three hours driving and I’m there , another half hours walk and the lures in the water as I slowly track the shore to my preferred spot thinking to myself that I saw on a thread today that it’s not worth fishing till 830pm , 825 I’m into a three pounder but loose it close in & 835 I hook a slightly better fish ! Does Mr Padfield have a crystal ball I think to myself ?
I was hoping to catch a few more but for reasons beyond my control I had to leave at 845 🙁 Leave that story for another day ! )
Home at 12pm & eat the sandwiches I made earlier for the boat trip with a glass of wine & everyone’s asleep so I can drink all of the wine myself !!! Almost a perfect day .
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