Venice, LA Speckled trout report

Simply Smashing! Another day of smashing the trout down in Venice! Came back after a couple days off and picked up where we left off.

First stop this morning was all it took as the trout were there and HUNGRY. Began with carolina rigged shrimp and croakers in 15 feet of water and couldnt get a bite. After 15 minutes I was worried with only one fish caught. Thats when I noticed a flick on the surface and decided to try a cork. Threw out and the cork never stopped! Switched everybody as fast as I could and took my position as net man. For two hours I netted fish after fish. NON STOP! The fish didnt want any weight on the line at all. It was soo cool as the fish would push the shrimp to the surface and SMACK! That’s awsome watching those big yellow mouths come up and crush the shrimp on the surface. A couple of times they got confused and ate the cork! It was incredible! HAd our limit at 9 am and headed in. Let me say something about that. I’ve been hearing allot about guides returning to the dock early. I must admit this time of year I prefer to get off the water early, BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE CUSTOMERS. If they want to stay, I stay. Its about the customer. However most customers DO want to get out of the heat and when you’ve been on the water since 5am, 10am is 5 hours of it. Whatever it takes.

Fishing is red hot and I dont have many summer dates left open. If its too hot get your October trip on the books. Its going fast!

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