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So, last year around this time, I finally threw caution to the wind and booked my lodging for my Yellowstone National Park trip. As a newly christened fly fisherman, it was a trip of a lifetime and I’m glad I made reservations for a cabin first, and then worried about the logistics later. It made for a helluva trip.

And now, I’m planning another vacation this year, obviously one that will have fly fishing as its primary focus. I will have the saner half in tow, and probably the new dog as well, which is something I need to take into consideration.

Part of me wants to go back to YNP, but instead of being relegated to the NE section of the park, get accommodations on the western edge, which should provide a bit more options.

In summation, I will have about 10 days (Friday to the following Monday) during mid or late September and I’m based out of Southern California, and do have a limited budget (or else I’d be hiring a private jet and heading down to Patagonia). Part of me wants to experience the northern part of our state and base operations out of Redding (since I’ll be able to attack the McCloud, Pit, Hat Creek, Lower/Upper Sac, etc), but part of me also wants to leave this state and go back towards YNP, and fish the areas that I drove past actually getting to the park. There is nothing more infuriating than knowing I had access to private waters in Utah that I drove past, or filling up gas in Idaho Falls, and wandering a few yards to the Snake River just to see huge rainbows waiting to get caught, but knowing you didn’t have a license to even fish Idaho, and you had a destination to reach in Silver Gate, Montana. Driving past the famous Henry’s Fork and all I could do is drool as I drove past was rough.

What would you do, given the time and the dates, and the budget?

Any and all recommendations are welcome.

(Personally, if I were single and this was a "me only" trip, I’d make a bee line towards Provo and then fish for 10 days straight working my way up to St Anthony and sleep in my truck and eat ramen during that time. But unfortunately, the saner half would probably disown me after that.)

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