USA Fishing Report

Fishing Report
Bodega Bay — The Wil’s Bait & Tackle team (875-2323) says that since May 1, they have had 18 days of impossible wind and a couple of just awful winds.

This means that their top team of “six-pack” salmon boats is too frequently tied up tight in port. There is some hope for the near future when these boats and their captains will be able to take you fishing again. They are: The Payback (Capt. Dave), Reel-lentless (Capt. Bob), Samantha Irene (Capt. Les) and The Shellback (Capt. Phil).

Better call ahead for an updated report on weather conditions.

* Lake Berryessa

We continue to learn of limits of trout and salmon trolling at the 40 and 60 marks. Bass will hit drop shot rigs with six-inch blue or Aaron’s Magic straight-tail worms at 20 feet and less. Get stink baits out and target those catfish on the bottom. Still some crappie being caught early and late — look for brush and docks.

* California Delta

Chris Lauritzen of the Lauritzen Yacht Harbor sent in this information about the Antioch/Oakley area. Water temperature is 66 to 68 degrees, about normal.

Windy conditions are also somewhat normal for the summer season. Lauritzen provided some boundaries that mark an area where anglers should be able to find some fish, probably mostly striped and black bass — broad slough on the west, Prisoner Point on the east and the Rio Vista Bridge on the north.

* Conn Dam/Lake Hennessey

Troll for trout in the middle early and late. Plunk for bass in coves and brush. Keep an eye out for rattlers.

* Napa River

Presently, this warm, sunny weather should soon let you go trolling and casting for stripers. Bankies can keep up their pace with cut bait, too. Try some favorite spots but don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with different locations. There can be some pleasant surprises out there.

* Sacramento River

Kirk Portocarrero at Outdoor Adventures Sport Fishing (800-670-4448) e-mailed his latest report to say that the drift from Redding to Anderson will net some great fly fishing for wild rainbows up to six pounds.

Hot bugs are Pheasant Tail No. 14-16 and Micro Mayfly Nymphs. Flows are 12,000 cfs.

If Shasta Lake is a destination, he can put you onto King Salmon using shad patterns on the troll.

* Feather River

Portocarrero says that the King salmon bite here is terrific. Better yet, it will improve every week right on through. So, if fishermen can’t wait until July 16 (the opening date for salmon fishing on the Sac from Red Bluff down), book Portocarrero for a trip on the Feather for a salmon fix
By Bill Ryan

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