UN seeks fishing, farm help

UN seeks fishing, farm help
The Australian – Australia

UN seeks fishing, farm help
By Natasha Bita
January 05, 2005
THE UN will ask Australia to donate fishing equipment and send farming experts to help avert starvation in the tsunami disaster zone, during top-level talks in Jakarta tomorrow.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation warned yesterday that at least 2million victims faced food shortages, with thousands risking starvation in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

The World Health Organisation estimates that half a million Indonesians – nearly double the population of Canberra – are still without food and water a week after the catastrophe.

“The situation is dramatic because those areas were already in a situation of vulnerability,” the chief of FAO’s emergency operations, Fernanda Guerrieri, told The Australian from the organisation’s headquarters in Rome yesterday.

“Areas like Sumatra and Sri Lanka were already very poor – the only resources of the people is their fishery.


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