UK fisheries action plan

UK Government launches fisheries action plan ‘Charting a New Course’
UK Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw today published an action plan for managing the fishing industry and developing fisheries policy in England. ‘Charting a New Course’ sets out how Defra will deliver the commitments made in ‘Securing the Benefits’ in England to safeguard the future of the fishing industry.

The action plan highlights the key areas Defra is focussing on between now and 2007. It sets out a range of measures and a timeframe for securing a sustainable thriving fishing industry that supports a healthy and flourishing marine environment.

The key areas for action are: * Managing fisheries within the marine environment; * Effective implementation of Common Fisheries Policy; * Modernising fisheries management; * Building long term profitability; * Inshore fisheries management; and * Recreational angling.

Mr Bradshaw said: “This is a challenging action plan that will require both the Government’s commitment, and cooperation from stakeholders. I believe that by working together we can achieve a better future for the industry and a healthy marine environment.” ‘Net Benefits’, published on 25 March 2004, gave the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit’s analysis of the problems and opportunities now facing the UK fishing industry.

The Prime Minister commissioned Net Benefits after the state of cod stocks led to the introduction in 2003 of limitations on the time fishing vessels could spend at sea, and in turn to significant decommissioning of UK boats. It recommended a range of initiatives to achieve a sustainable and profitable future for the industry. ‘Securing the Benefits’ was the joint response from the four UK Fisheries Adminsitrations.

It provides the framework for guiding fisheries management and policy making ing the UK and sets out a range of measures to secure a sustainable future for the fishing industry.

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