Which do you do to catch your fish? I am restricted nowadays in what methods I can use and on rivers I am more or less left with fishing a feeder or a lead, no matter how much thought is put into this method with watercraft or ringing the changes I am of the view that its something anyone could do and that most of the skill has gone out of my fishing and all I am doing is trapping my fish. Dont get me wrong I enjoy my fishing but miss having that extra bow to my fishing.

On the other hand having sat for quite a while watching a float being used on the river with the constant moving of shot, changing the depth, varying the feed going in, the pace that the float is allowed to go through the swim so many things that can be changed and different degrees of change in all of them. I look at this method as more tempting the fish, its seeking them out and luring them into taking a bait, its more skilful than what I do and even when my health allowed I was never very good at it.

So are you a trapper or a tempter?

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