Tradewinds Charters, Defoe Bay fishing report 3-26

Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 12:45:52

Current Report:

We did get the morning fishing boats out today…

….and got back into port (with limits)

As Tradewinds Depoe Bay is so good at is there ability to read the morning ocean and make determinations as to if it should be a GO or a NO GO. This morning the skippers determined that there was enough time to get out and give a good trip and be able to catch some fish before the predicted ocean change would get here. The did all of the above. They got out, read the ocean correctly, caught lots of fish and got back in before the winds and swell got here. All of the folks on all of our boats got limits of rockfish but not many Lingcod caught today which is normal for a fast moving current drift like this morning.

We are in the beginning of a not-so-good weather change right now and it certainly will last thru tomorrow (Wednesday) and we will see from there. Hopefully not, but the weekend weather might be possibly threatening and we will keep you informed daily right here.

Date: Monday, March 24, 2014 at 12:59:50

Current Report:
tradewinds-charters-defoe-bay-fishing-report-3-26 Tradewinds Charters, Defoe Bay fishing report 3-26
Monday’s catch proves Tradewinds is on fire

Our boats came back in with limits of rockfish and some nice Lingcod

Captain Roman limits of fish on both Kadaho & Starship

Crabbing picked up today folks

Good fishing again today for the Tradewinds fleet with limits of rockfish coming back in and some real nice Lingcod on board our boats from the morning catch. The crabbing has also pickd-up some, not where we would like it but 2+ legal male jumbos per person was our score today. We can say for sure that you are getting your money back on the crabbing thinking on the price per crab in the stores.

Captain Roman who runs the Kadaho and owns the Starship is awaiting the new skipper to take over the Starship operation but today he ran his 6-man boat to a great catch with some nice Lingcod as well. No matter which boat he has run this past week the final word has been “LIMITS”. The picture above shows one of the fish totes off his vessel this morning.

Date: Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 20:23:52

Current Report:

…and the fishing reports is in !!

All of our boats out today either limited or were really close to a limit. No specifics were given but we did do as I expected as fishing has been very good. I suspect that Lingcod fishing was fair on all of the boats with no limits caught but a fair assortment on each boat.

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