Tough talks on EU fishing quotas

Tough talks on EU fishing quotas
EUpolitix – Brussels,Belgium

Tough talks on EU fishing quotas

EU fishing ministers and the European Commission are set to lock horns next week over controversial fish recovery plans aimed at boosting cod stocks in Europe’s waters.

Plans from Brussels to make large areas of the North Sea, Baltic sea and coast of Denmark no-go areas for fishing vessels are expected to come up against fierce resistance from UK and other member states with large fishing industries.

EU presidency officials said that talks “will not be easy”, warning that the council of ministers meeting could spill over into Wednesday if no agreement can be found.

“We will hold informal consultations on Monday before the meeting,” said a spokesman. “But discussions may run into the night and continue into Wednesday”.

EU fisheries ministers meet each December to set the following year’s fishing quota in EU waters.

These Total Allowable Catches (TACs) are decided upon per species per area. The decision is based on a proposal presented by the European Commission.

Brussels wants to introduce “closed areas” for cod fishing in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, waters off the coast of Denmark, and slash catches of other species in the Western Channel and Western Iberian Peninsula.


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