Tiaganock- Stream Fishing

So today it was to windy so I tried some shore fishing. Nothing out Sampson. Heard it was crazy down there last year…

From there I went to Tiaganock with not much luck in the mouth area. Walked the shore casting a minnow jig. Nadda. Went to the north point and casted a long the creek edge. Water was pretty dirty till the creek flow started.

Ran into 5 rainbows in that area. 3 swam off and a large male stayed and a large female. The male would not take the micro jig I presented but the female kept going for it. Eventually the male swam off but the female stuck around. Eevntually I got it presented just right and she took the micro jig. Sure was exciting to fight on 6lbs test. Released her to spawn. Tried for the male some more but no luck. Left at 3:15. Ill be back tomorrow after work. I can’t imagine fighting the big male, the female was on great fight already!

Anyone got any tip a for being more successful stream fishing?

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