They have been digging at…

…my brother’s local venue. Last year when I first started fishing I caught my first fish at what was then called Bax Farm fishery. since then it is under new management and has been renamed The Willows Angling Centre. NOt only has it been renamed but they have restocked the shop and spent the past month or so reshaping the specimen lake – a huge task. They have just made a video of the lake remodelling including some aerial drone shots of the finished item. You can see the video HERE.

The fishery is rather open and can be a bit windswept at times I hope they will pant a few trees and shrubs in the coming months/years to give a bit more protection from the elements.

they-have-been-digging-at They have been digging at...

We spent a day there earlier on this year, fishing on Pan Lake, just beyond the lake that has just been dug out and enlarged. I think my brother (Tim) was not too happy, not only was he cold and miffed about his van, he caught nothing all day! See HERE 😉

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