The Wife Wanted To Go To Cabelas Tonight… – (press release)

The wife wanted to go to Cabelas tonight…

She picked up a few things for herself, and told me to do the same, and we used our community funds to pay, not my allowance $$.

Not wanting to ruin a good thing, and to encourage another such trip, I went easy. :)

I still needed a small tackle box, that I would take out in my 16′ 2″ Fury, that had a small footprint to ensure lots of deck space.

I didn’t want to take out my big green ‘Mother-Ship’ tackle bag. The truth is it’s rather large for the boat. Heavy too!

I saw this cute little Plano Guide Series 3500.
I also picked up a set of Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers, after hearing they are the best.

I already had the larger set, but after using them on some small split rings, I new a smaller set would be handy to have too.

The tackle bag has the one try on top, and 4 more inside.
I like it’s small 10″ footprint too.

When we checked out, she commented that she was expecting that I would pickup a few more things, so I guess I did OK not burning my bridge for another future trip. I was happy with my items. :D

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