the pupil beats the master at last

Thurs night out on the river with. Graham hill and it happened fishing an incoming tide me and the Geeman fished a hundred yards apart and i hit some fish big rise to the claw missed it crap then reeling in after a cast the rod just went over no splashey take.the fish just sucked it in .then bored down and off it went had it on for a few minutes then the dreaded ping its gone looked at the claw one of the owner trebles bent out fish had so much power behind it gutted next cast a 2lber went back like all the others sea temp 23 degrees i just wanted a swim lols fished into the night no go wind got right up from the north could have chilled the top off so at the end of play the hopper1 the Geeman 0 but i know it wont last still total so far 12 with two at 4and a half and one 5 all thanks to graham who has put lot of time in to getting me this far thanks mate

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