The new Release Reel

Good time at the show today saw all the Gang . I did get to see the new Release reel made right here in the USA. Very,impressive reel.
There are 2 models the LG & the SG. The LG conventional Lever Drag. 20.6 oz,6.1 gear ratio,40# max Drag,Ceramic Spool bearings ABEC-5
Smooth Carbon Drag washers,Power Magnum handles
500 yards of 60# braid.

The SG model all the Same specks except 30# mag drag & 450yards of 50# braid.

Just an amazing piece of machinery !

The 2 pictures are one is all the parts to make up the reel for a solid block of aluminum .. There are no small parts or springs to pop out when you take the reel apart.
Price the SG model $249
The LG model $399

the-new-release-reel The new Release Reel
the-new-release-reel The new Release Reel

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