The ITM Fishing Show New Zealand

The ITM Fishing Show – Matt gets lessons on fly fishing from Aussie Salt fly expert Justin Duggan. Then the tables are turned as Matt gets Justin hooked into some big kingfish on heavier tackle.

About the show

The ITM Fishing Show takes viewers into the centre of the action, in a fresh new fishing series filled with excitement, suspense, humour and spectacular footage.

Host Matt Watson is a former professional game fisherman and a keen recreational fisher with a passion for the sea.

“I’ve experienced some amazing things out on the water over the years, and we just want to share some of those unbelievable moments that happen and get everyone as enthusiastic about fishing as we are.”

The makers of the series are all experienced fishers, and equally experienced at filming their adventures above and below the surface of the sea.

Watson and his team travel to the best fishing locations around New Zealand and the Pacific, where they get a close up look at the action happening beneath the waves.

They promise spectacular footage of scenes such as a 30-pound snapper hunt down and eat a kahawai; frenzied packs of marlin fighting over bait; and a predatory kingfish eating flying fish.

“Telling people about my experiences out on the water just didn’t do them justice, so I started filming my adventures to share with friends,” says Watson. “I have people who had never been fishing saying they wanted to start after seeing the footage.”

Watson teamed up friend Kerren Packer to form Tightlines Television, and with no real television experience but a mutual passion for fishing, The ITM Fishing Show was born. Together, they have filmed in everything from kayaks to multi-million dollar game fishing boats, and have caught everything from snapper and kingfish to huge marlin and sharks.

“Even non-fishers who watch the show can see why fishing is by far the biggest participation sport in New Zealand, with one million kiwis getting out there each year. Like coverage of any sport, the show has drama, suspense and excitement, but there is also plenty of humour, and to cap it all off, it is filmed in a wild and beautiful environment.”

Watson says viewers will see everything as it really happens: “You only get one shot at filming what we do – it’s real reality television, and things don’t always come off, so we have a lot of laughs on the show.”

“We’ve got incredible footage and insightful tips. We think we’re pretty in touch with what the fishing public want in a TV show, and we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to deliver it.”

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