The double black diamond

The double black diamond

Before I get into this weeks report about fishing I’m excited to announce that our new webcam is up and operational. Now viewers no longer need to rely on reports and can see a live stream of East Cape conditions. The cam is pointed at our moorings so along with waves lapping on the beach, you can view our boats departing and returning at: Click on the 4 arrows in the right bottom corner and the feed will open full screen. It is the next best thing to being here. We have planned a contest for the near future where viewers paying close attention will have the opportunity to win prizes. Stay tuned!

The buzz in weather news is that we may experience a “Super El Nino”. I try not to pay too much attention to these types of predictions but it is March and we are already fishing in 74-75 degree water. Winds have been a little crazy with some calm days then a blow from the north followed by one from the south. The wind is warm though and it hasn’t seemed to affect the water temperature.

Fishing started in full speed at the beginning of the week with striped marlin and dorado giving anglers all the action they wanted. As the week has worn on the bite has progressively gotten tougher every day. Even when there is a lull in the fishing we are sighting whales breaching, pods of dolphin, jumping mantas and sea turtles. The Sea of Cortez is alive with life.

We were fortunate to assist several anglers in catching their first marlin and another get one on his birthday. I do have one story in particular that I would like to share.

Sixteen year old Mike Kurpa along with his father fished with us this week determined to catch a marlin on the fly. To do this we pull a couple of hookless teasers hoping to raise a fish and tease it close enough for the angler to present the fly. It is not easy because a normal pattern of lures are not deployed and the ones that are don’t have hooks.

Like I said Mike was determined and we trolled all morning without raising a fish. About 1PM his father suggested we put out the whole spread with hooks and catch a fish. The kid wanted no part of it and preferred to wait for his shot. I was very impressed with the focus of this young man. About 1:30 up popped a marlin behind a hookless ballyhoo we were pulling. Diego slowly started turning the reel handle keeping the bait just in front of the fish. Almost in casting range for Mike, the fish sank out. It was exciting for a minute but now we would have to wait for another opportunity.

Minutes later another fish popped behind the ballyhoo. This time Diego was able to keep the marlin interested as the marlin stayed after the ballyhoo. Mike made a perfect cast and the fly landed within inches of the marlin’s bill. Our adrenaline started to flow with anticipation but the fish just sank out and it was over.

It didn’t happen for Mike this trip but I am confident that with his determination it will. In our discussion at the end of the day Mike’s father described what he was trying to accomplish is like the double black diamond. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Streaming live.

Adios amigo

Who is having the most fun? My bet is Diego.

I can’t let Diego have all the fun.

Another first

Perfect day

Birthday marlin

Dodo on the fly

Nice fish!

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