Tamil fishing industry swept away

Tamil fishing industry swept away
BBC News – London,England,UK

More than a million fishermen in Sri Lanka’s north-east may have lost their livelihoods in the Asian tsunami, experts say.
About 80% of fishing boats there are believed destroyed and many fishermen are also too scared to go to sea.

The Tamil Tigers who hold some areas say the government has not shown it is committed to giving aid.

An advance party of 42 US marines to help aid efforts has landed in Sri Lanka where 30,000 have died.

Some one million Sri Lankans are estimated to have been displaced by the tsunami which struck over a week ago.

The team of marines, bearing heavy equipment and helicopters, is expected to pave the way for the arrival of a further 1,500 US soldiers.

Harbours hit

The BBC’s Frances Harrison in northern Sri Lanka says nobody there is eating fish, once a mainstay of the diet, even if it has been landed.


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