Sydney Harbour prawn fishing ban

Sydney Harbour prawn fishing ban ‘no surprise’
Environmentalists say they are not surprised that prawn fishing in Sydney Harbour has been suspended.

Tests have revealed high levels of dioxins are present in harbour prawns.

About 20 commercial fishers in Sydney Harbour will be affected by the suspension, along with recreational fishers.

Dr Marian Lloyd-Smith, from the National Toxics Network, says it has long been known that sediment in the harbour has alarmingly high levels of dioxin.

“The only place that has higher levels of sediment was New York and some places in South America so no, this doesn’t come as a shock,” she said.

The New South Wales Primary Industries Minister, Ian Macdonald, says it is likely that dioxin has been present in harbour prawns in past years.

“I don’t think that they were levels in recent years sufficient to have caused great concern,” he said.

Mr Macdonald says the ban will remain in force until further test results are available.

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