Survivor Of Sunken Fishing Boat Describes Tragedy At Sea

Survivor Of Sunken Fishing Boat Describes Tragedy At Sea
TheDay – New London,CT,USA

Published on 12/22/2004

New Bedford, Mass. — As the Coast Guard scoured the frigid waters off Nantucket Tuesday night for five fishermen feared dead more than 24 hours after their scallop boat sank, the lone survivor described his struggle for survival in a raging sea after watching the vessel’s only life boat slip from the grasp of crewmates.

Coast Guard officials vowed not to give up the search, but New Bedford’s fishing community, bred on a legacy of men lost at sea, braced for a Christmas season of funerals rather than festivity. Still, some clung to fragile hopes that the missing crewmen of the Northern Edge were alive. If those hopes prove futile, the human toll of Monday’s accident 45 miles southeast of Nantucket would be the worst in New England since the Andrea Gail of Gloucester sank in 1991 with its entire crew of six, a tragedy captured in the book and movie “A Perfect Storm.”

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