Sunny day out with fish as well

Joined Paul on Osprey for a day on the wrecks (instead of taking both boats to the same wrecks). A lovely calm day offshore on three wrecks south of the Bill.

Paul managed the best Pollock about 12lb and one of his vermin – which probably was 5/6lb. Total for the day was 11 cod mostly around the 4-5lb mark, 9 Pollock, some gurnards and Paul had some of those brown bream things. The cod were caught on tiger twin tails and the Pollock on red/yellow evos or Pauls sonic red tails. A full ice box at the end of the day.

We tried some live scad / macks at slack but something nicked both without taking the hook as well. There were a few porpoise passing through in the afternoon which was good to see.



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