Studland Bay Dorset UK Report 21.05.05

Our boat trips were cancelled because of strong South Westerly winds so we decided to fish Studland Bay (SW entrance to Poole Harbour) because it offered some shelter from the wind.

Imran and I drove down together to meet Richard, who was already fishing by the time we got there. Richard told us that 5oz grippers were required to hold bottom, and also that his hooks were coming in bare – crabs!!! So with the tide on the way out we started fishing.

Crabs were indeed a pest – Richard more often than not was bringing in large spider crabs and we all landed some during the day (but Richard really had the knack ). Our baits were being stripped withing seconds so we were baiting up every 15 minutes or so.

On my 3rd cast (about 100yds) I got a very good tug and pulled out a very well hooked 2lb bass which took a peeler/squid cocktail on a 4/0 clipped paternoster with a 3 foot snood – Delighted:

AndyGBass Studland Bay Dorset UK  Report 21.05.05

We all thought that this would be the start of a cracking day’s action – but we hadn’t figured for the weed & crabs……… There was no problem with the weed for the next hour, but then the tide turned and the flood brought weed, weed and more weed.

So Richard and I convinced each other to have a go at spinning – Richard hooked up with 4 fish and landed 2 using a 28gm dexter wedge . I hooked up with 2 and landed neither

Here’s one of Richard’s bass:
AndyGBass Studland Bay Dorset UK  Report 21.05.05

We lost 4 or 5 hours of bottom fishing because of the weed. The only other bite of the day fell to me just as I was packing up – another very firm tug and a decent fish was on, almost certainly a smut or decent bass, then all of a sudden it wasn’t GUTTED

The location was a decent choice because it offered some shelter and we reckon it will fish it’s rocks off when the weed and crabs aren’t so prevalent. A beautiful location that will certainly be revisited.

Imran I’m sorry to say, but have to mention, caught this weekend’s big fat………..


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