Stoke bay catch report UK

Well I and andyg hit Stoke bay on Sunday – High water was about 4pm and we fished the tide up from around 11am . We fished the top end as was the only place were there was not millions of tourists / jet skis and yachts

Parking was a nice surprise as was only £3 for all day . So parked up and made our way up the beach past the metal fence marked private MOD land

Stokes bay is a shingle beach that slopes off to about 25 feet of water at high tide to 100 yards . It is a nice easy fishing venue

Our baits for the day were peeler crab, ragworm, squid and Sandeels. For rigs we used pulleys pennels with 4/0 or 3/0 hooks and two hook clip ups

The Solent was packed with navy boats and tall ships that had anchored up for the Trafalgar show later in the week . So with all these shiny boats to see the channel was also full of yachts and power boats

We set up in bright sunshine and both secretly thought that with all this boat traffic plus the bright conditions it was going to be hard to get a fish

So out went the rods at distances from 40yrds to 150 yards to see where the fish were

And guess what ? Crabs and more crabs – the bait did not have a chance as was stripped with in a minute

So we opened a cold one and kept hopping that the bream would show up and maybe a smoothound

Three hours no bights but plenty of snipped snoods and then the weed came and boy did it come in !!

It was now impossible to fish so we went on the dexters lures to no avail

With the tide now turning out went the rods

Then finally a bight and what a bite andyg’s rod just went over and over . There was a minute when the thoughts were that maybe it had been picked up by a load of weed but once 30yards from the shore it kicked into life and landed a nice 4lb ish smoothound

With spirits lifted we re cast out and then two hours later andyg got a similar size starry smoothound

By now I had thrown my teddy out of my pram and was thinking golf is for me

No more bites and that was it

I got a big fat zero and andyg 2 ( git )

The smoothounds were caught on peeler crab with squid head mounted below

Was a lovely sunny day so well done andy on getting the smoothys and not rubbing it in to much that I had blanked

By Fishing Forum

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