Steelhead Leaders

I have finally settled  on a very simple leader , I’m hoping you guys can check it out for me and see if it looks good or something I need to change . I fish the new york tribs and just got back from Oak Orchard and had a heck of a time fixing my leaders , my other leaders were to hard to repair and tie streamside and I’ve been looking for a recipe that would work good and fast to repair and get back to fishing . 5ft of 15lb maxima ultra green or maybe the stiffer chemelon would be better not sure ,from loop to loop from flyline , to swivel and then 2 1/2 ft of 6lb tippet . I have my strike indicator up on the 15 lb above the swivel and my split shot right at the knot before the tippet , this way my shot is ruffly a little over 2 ft from my fly and when I break off at the swivel all I loose is the fly and tippet , I can tie another piece of tippet on and fly and I don’t loose anything else and I’m not trying to tie a blood knot in the dark !!! I’m using a 9ft rod and I know the 7 1/2 ft leader seems short , should I make the butt section longer .

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