Specimen Hunters Info

As an ageing specimen hunter, i have an interest in picking up little bits of fishing intelligence that will save me wasting my valuable time, times of changed and the sources are many. Forums, first port of call, i know this because i blew one of my own spots on a different forum, a spot not used for years, suddenly became populated by guys with transit vans full of posh gear. You tube, some kid blew another river spot i had baited for ages with a little video, oh well it aint my river. Match anglers, read the reports of snap ups, walk the matches, with their light gear they may be hooking something that you are unaware of, magazines and the boastful prats that blow their own venues, boat people who travel the rivers and canals, you may regard them as a nuisance, the info my mates supply has in the past saved me months of blanks. No questions to you, just an advice blog to anyone interested in this branch of our sport.

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