SOMERSET SHOW — “The Best” —

skunkbunker noreaster rain jacket
$35 really nice split ring heavy duty pliars jigging word
4H split rings from the surfcaster
diamond jigs for the sand eel run
8- -more- sp minnows
surfcasters journal long sleeve t-shirt
gift hot/cold travel thermos from skunkbunker
gift knife from fish bones
seafood cakes / two quarts of pickles somerset-show-the-best SOMERSET SHOW --- "The Best" ---
talks with
daiwa/shimano/power pro knot guy = awesome / Ron Arra / cts Ritch and johnny /steve / fish bones knife sharpening demo/ zeno and son of course / steve petrie / and a good talk with a 35 year boat dealer salesman representing scout boats = really lots of knowledge.

Pretty good show for me

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