Sockeye fishing VANCOUVER

Sockeye fishing may open on Fraser – VANCOUVER — Commercial fishermen may get a chance at the lucrative Fraser River sockeye salmon run after all.

The federal fisheries department is softening its stand on a total commercial fishing ban, just as fishermen were threatening a protest fishery.

The department’s Don Radford says the size of the summer sockeye run has been upgraded to six (m) million.

He adds environmental conditions have improved in the river, which means more salmon should make it to the spawning grounds.

Radford says fisheries officials met with commercial fishermen over the weekend to develop a fishing plan.

He expects an announcement on the fishery later today, but cautions only a small amount of salmon would be available for catch.

Fishermen’s union president Garth Mirau said earlier that about 300 commercial fishermen were ready to fish illegally tomorrow, if the moratorium wasn’t lifted
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