Small round baitcasters with non disengaging level wind


I have 2 small round baitcasting reels.

Abu morum SX3600C
Shimano Calcutta 200GTB

I like them a lot, except that the LW is not in sync. with the line all the time.
The level wind disengages during the cast and when the fish is taking drag.

It sure will be more fun when the fish takes drag from a synchronized LW smile.gif
I’m not a big fan of low profile reels even though I’m not sure if they had sync. LW.

I understand that the level wind not being engaged helps cast really light lures, but I think I can still cast a 1/8 oz lure with the level wind engaged while casting. I wish there were small non level wind baitcasting reels out there (at least I could give it a shot and see if I like it as I prefer non LW conventional reels). May be I’ll remove the LW in my Calcutta 200GTB and see how much of a pain it is for fishing small lures biggrin.gif

Are there are small bait casting reels out there with non disengaging level wind?


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