Slow day on the river – redeemed at the end

I joined up with my buddy from work today to do some scouting down stream from where we normally fish. We found that our target location was unaccessible. We didn’t get into anything on the way down, so we headed back up to our usual spots. Fish were rising, but none of our flies were small enough to match what was hatching. I watched several come up and refuse everything I threw at them.
My friend hooked into a nice brookie finally, and after being released he hung around for a bit so I got this video

After he swam back to the pool, my friend said there was a bigger one next to him, so I dunked the camera again

Then as it was getting close to sunset, we headed back to the road to fish a bit before leaving. As I was swinging my streamer through a pool, I finally connected. The first time it jumped, I thought it was one of the brood stock Browns they put in. Then it jumped again, and again, and again… At least 5 times it left the water! When I finally got it into my friend’s net we had a better look at it. Judging by the blue streaks on the face, no red at all in his adipose fin, and a forked tail, we both agreed it was a salmon! It measured 19" in the net!
slow-day-on-the-river-redeemed-at-the-end Slow day on the river - redeemed at the end
Unless they just put this big guys in (doubtful as it’s still early in the season for brood stock salmon), it must have been a hold over coming up from the big pond.
Rough day otherwise, as one of the boots on my waders had developed a leak, I had gone all day with missed strikes and refusals, and was thinking I was going to go home skunked and wet. Just takes one good fish to turn the whole day around!

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