Sea Deaths Highlight Fishing Rule Worries

Sea Deaths Highlight Fishing Rule Worries
ABC News – USA

Jan. 15, 2005 — Five days before Christmas, the men aboard the Northern Edge scallop boat soon would be heading home to New Bedford, Mass.

It was the traditional Christmas trip, a voyage that brings fishermen a paycheck for the holidays. But just after sunset, the boat began listing sharply and rough seas soon pulled it underwater.

“He disappeared, he disappeared,” a nearby scalloper said as he radioed the Coast Guard. “We need help out here fast.”

Problems with de-icing equipment delayed a Coast Guard chopper, and by the time it arrived, only one survivor, Pedro Furtado, had been scooped up by the other boat.

“The life raft flipped twice,” Furtado said. “I was on the water. I was just trying to swim back again. The water was so cold. It was 45. I was frozen.”


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