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Is the new Saragosa SW that much of a technological leap over the Stradic FJ to make it worth considering/getting. Looking at surf use not boat. Specifically comparing the 5000’s. The Sara weighs twice as much – is it significantly bigger or are the guts just that more robust? It is semi-sealed. Same line capacity. $40 bucks more. Sara was released too late last year to get any field tested reviews on it yet – I think?

Aqua lab- I went through what your going through and went with the Saragosa SW.

The spool size and line capacity are identical (i.e. Stradic 6000 identical to Saragosa SW 6000).

The Saragosa is completely sealed, has smoother drag and is just 6 oz’s heavier (16 vs 10oz). Both can put out ~20 lbs of drag but the Saragosa’s have drags on top and bottom of the spool. The Saragosa is a heck lot easier to take apart on your own while stradic’s worm gears are more complex.

The Saragosa’s gear drive is several mm’s thicker and the body (rotor, stem, housing) slightly thicker too. The body material for both reels feel the same (graphite) but I don’t know if this is fact.
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