Russia to boost fishing on high seas MOSCOW

Russia to boost fishing on high seas MOSCOW, July 8 (Xinhuanet) — Russia will increase fishing on the high seas in the next couple of years to meet domestic demand, fishery authorities said Friday.

Russia caught up to 80 percent of the fish on the high seas before the breakup of the Soviet Union, but the current rate make sslightly more than 10 percent of former amounts, Stanislav Ilyasov, head of the Federal Fishery Agency, told the Itar-Tass news agency.

More than half of the domestic needs for fish in Russia are met with foreign deliveries and Russians cannot afford the medically required norm — an annual 23 kilograms of fish per capita, Ilyasov said, adding on average a Russian eats no more than 11 kilograms of fish a year.

“We should drastically increase the amount of domestic fish products on the market. We think we can reach the medically required norm of fish consumption within two or three years,” he said.

The official said a national conference and a forum on development of the high seas are scheduled for later in the year, which will gather experts from some 30 countries and are expected to put forward a high seas development program. Enditem

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