Rod tubes…what choices?

rod-tubes-what-choices Rod tubes...what choices?

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sagalout…….for the average two piece rod (say, for barbel etc) is a 1.75″ tube big enough or do I, in your opinion, need to go to 2″ for this particular type of rod??

I don’t want to buy bigger than necessary…..I like small and neat..

Everything hinges on the size of your butt……………ring.rod-tubes-what-choices Rod tubes...what choices?rod-tubes-what-choices Rod tubes...what choices?
The smallest diameter tubes I have (for match rods, in their rod bags) are 2.5″. I wouldn’t want to squeeze any of my barbel rods into anything much smaller. Having just tried, I can just about squeeze one of my Fox barbel rods into the 2.5″ tube. However, it’s a multi-tip job, to get it in I had to remove it from its bag and put just the butt and one tip section in the tube. Even then it left only half an inch or so to play with. I feel that better protection is offered if you can put the rod into its rod bag before going into the tube. It stops the sections clattering into one another and also rattling on the sides of the tube.

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