Ridiculous Tica Dolphin Surf Rod Deal

Was at Kittery Trading Post’s annual fishing sale today and saw a stupid great deal they didn’t advertise – Tica Dolphin 11′ and 12′ surf rods for $84.99!  That’s only about $110 off.  Ditch Trolls take notice!

Braid’s 20% off, some Shimano Surf Bags were 25% off.  Buy a Baitrunner on sale, load it up with braid and fill a Shimano bag with lures 25% off (buy 3 get 4th for a penny) and you’re hotshot.  As my old football coach used to say – if you can’t play like a pro at least look like one!

I’ll be back there Saturday at 9am for the start of the Shimano/Loomis samples sale.  35% off my favorite reel – can’t get it cheaper brand new in box, plus 50% off my new 7′ 6″ Loomis rod – they say they have about 400 more rods and 300 reels so maybe you can find one.  There was a coupon for 20% any item not on sale so the angry Penn lovers can score too. ridiculous-tica-dolphin-surf-rod-deal Ridiculous Tica Dolphin Surf Rod Deal

Saw some Savage hard baits there for the first time today, pretty slick, might give the SP Minnow a run for the money.

20% off fly reels, fly lines, lead core, cheap cod jigs, other stuff too, I can’t remember it all.

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