Revolutionary Fishing

Revolutionary Fishing Invention An Unlucky Fishing Trip Led to a Revolutionary Fishing Invention .Bad luck can sometimes be very beneficial. An unlucky fishing trip gave rise to a business idea of a new way to fish, and now the product that was developed from this idea has been put on the market. Vilco transports the bait to the best fishing spots.

A few years ago, a Finnish amateur fisherman took his family fishing. Before the trip, the man had been bragging about how much fish he would catch and how good a fisherman he was. On the fishing trip, it happened however that the man did not catch a single fish despite very hard effort. The man’s baits and lures were hanging on trees, on bushes and on telephone wires. The wife and the children, on the other hand, caught little perch in the shore water with hook and line at a steady pace.

All evening, the family kept on teasing the man about his fishing skills, and in the end, their teasing comments started to trouble him. He thought that there must be an easier way to fish. He pondered on the issue, and finally he came up with the idea of a new way to fish. All that was needed was the usual fishing equipment and a bit of modern electronics, and the man would get the bait to exactly where the fish are.

Now, a few years after the fishing trip, the idea has developed into a company called Vilco ltd. and the man has become the company’s managing director. The basic principle of Vilco Lure Transporter is simple. Instead of throwing the line, the line is attached to the vehicle which takes the bait to exactly where the fisherman wants it. Vilco Lure Transporter is controlled by Vilco Lure Transporter controller that is attached to the rod. In this way, the vehicle can be driven hundreds of meters away from the shore if desired, towards the best fishing spots.

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