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Our prime country houses across the Murrumbidgee River were eagerly searched for through the cattle males of yesteryear. Nowadays, individuals flooded lush grazing houses from the high country support huge amounts of brown and rainbow trout.

Brown trout grow body fat around the abundant way to obtain yabbies the dammed river – Lake Tantangara – supports. Late Fall sees well-conditioned seafood transfer to Tantangara’s streams to start the annual breeding event.

Spring time will find lengthy lean trout cruising the houses after losing condition over winter breeding and also the scarcity of feed obtainable in the river. The rainbow trout aren’t a hostile yabby feeder and therefore will be the more compact of these two species within this lake.

Reviews of poor fishing within the all downhill areas this year didn’t deter me and my fishing mate, Peter Hanrahan from creating a recent trip.

Pete, or “Bags“ to his mates (Pete always appeared to trap bags of seafood or plastic box out whenever he went fishing) continues to be fishing these all downhill areas for many years and it has the understanding to understand where, when and just how to trap trout at different stages from the four seasons.

We showed up around Sunday lunchtime and met track of two buddies Wayne and Paula Burns who also provide been fishing el born area for several years. Lunch was a little of the problem once we always depend on fresh seafood for supper every single day but because we hadn’t been fishing yet, lunch comprised of bread and jam and coffee. Fly gear was soon put together and also the boat released and also the mission begun.

Temperature of water was still being high at 19–20C that was not favorable to get affordable bank fishing throughout your day but was still being great for the mudeyes designed to use the hotter several weeks to depart water of the evening when they’re protected from wild birds and climb onto a log, rose bush, rock or stems of grass and leave the nymph stage right into a dragon fly.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

A miracle day within the high country.

Finding in which the cooler water was welling up after tepid to warm water was pressed over the dam through the prevalent wind, we found in which the biggest quantity of mudeye shucks were around the surrounding rose bush and rocks. This is in which the mudeyes would again come ashore, hopefully today.

We’d our evening fishing place sorted and merely had the capacity for a night meal of steak grilled within the coals having a lashing of veggies and boiled spuds.

Tugging the boat up 100m from the rocks and shrubbery covered in mudeye shucks, we began fishing all of the the sunshine using small black fur flies and Mrs Simpsons to complement the swimming mudeyes because they found shoreline.

I was striking seafood immediately and because the last vestige of sunshine vanished we switched to small muddler minnows and also the seafood fell of these inside a large way. I believe we’d connection with about 10 seafood between us whenever we made the decision to it a evening and roll into mattress ready to have an early start. Although there have been many signs warning of 1080 baits placed out for wild dogs there appeared to become a minimum of six individual dingos mournfully serenading us to rest.

Wayne Burns have been up early each morning and already were built with a beautiful conditioned brown trout of the touch over 5lbs arrived not not even close to our camping, caught on the Woolly Bugger fly.

Pete and that i headed right into a nice bay he understood may hold good quality seafood, going through previous years.

I had been now fishing a black beadhead fly to mimic a little yabby also it was most likely within the first six casts the road drawn up low on a fantastically conditioned brown trout of four.2lbs that was stored for supper.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

This brownie fell to some black beadhead fly.

On washing the trout, its contents of the stomach demonstrated it absolutely was feeding solely on yabbies.

Because the sun woke up, the experience died lower so we attempted different techniques for example loch style fishing within the houses in which the sounder demonstrated public of seafood, however this demonstrated hard going.

Pete fishes fly only however i can give anything a try and instead of throw my arm off for nil result I made the decision to rig a little flick fishing rod having a curly tailed plastic grub.

Second cast using the grub also it was smashed around the drop but unsuccessful to connect, despite the fact that it had been hit again on a single retrieve. I transformed to some eco-friendly grub and shortly were built with a plucky rainbow towards the boat.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

Rainbows were lots of fun on soft plastics and lightweight flick stays.

Moving to some prominent group of rocks around the leeward side where cooler water must have been welling up, we drifted past, showing flies near to the rocks.

Obtaining the flick stick in the end remained as close enough for any cast, I shot out a Berkley Large Eye edge and also got anchored in the boat with a nice brown.

Twenty metres along another brown required the edge and also the seafood, while not huge, seemed to be stored for supper.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

Rain was now beginning to become a feature from the nights and therefore this shut lower the hatching of mudeyes – they require a dry warm evening to hatch so Muddler Minnows were ignored for large black Woolly Buggers.

Going to the Murrumbidgee arm from the river we passed numerous herds of untamed brumbies, legacy from the early cattlemen, these graze around the lush All downhill grasses and glisten under the sun.

Marine existence is rampant within the Murrumbidgee arm, platypus appear to become everywhere throughout the first evening. Caddies flies were thick in mid-air, and nearby wild brumby stallions placed and huffed to warn us off.

Wedgetail eagles squabbled on the floor near to the boat and also the ever present dingos began their mournful wail.

Seafood were rising. Time for you to seafood a dry fly. It is discovered the increases weren’t surface increases but sub surface increases because the seafood had to have emerging nymphs.

Fishing from the bank the road stiffened on a pleasant seafood, the black Woolly Bugger had misled another brown, this time around certainly one of 3.8 pounds.

Pete was striking a couple of more compact seafood and becoming a couple of takes by a few bigger ones but stored missing them.

I rigged a really slow action fly fishing rod and tied on small stick caddis fly along with a small Mrs Simpson and caught the funnel above Pete. It had been difficult to separate platypus and trout increases.

Rapidly I’d put three seafood around the bank, one of these an acceptable brown.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

Being mainly yabby bird feeders, Tantangara’s browns are usually of the good size. 

Fishing a more compact creek arm the platypus were changed by water rats, these cruised water and rose out to the rocks before diving in. One water rat cruised below my ft before emerging in the water. Walking across my coiled fly line lounging on the floor, he sniffed the boot of my waders before determining a body fat yabby are the best to consume and again joined water.

Through the finish from the week’s fishing we’d caught a great number of seafood between us lunch every single day aside from the very first was fresh trout fried in a little oil with bread and butter. Fresh area mushrooms compounded what we eat too of the bucket filled with fresh boiled yabbies that have been caught of the evening using strong torch light.

While obtaining yabbies I additionally acquired a pocket filled with whitened gemstones, similar to whitened marbles split in 2, one for reds searching just like a mushroom in which the stalk have been. I requested Pete if he understood exactly what the strange gemstones were. “Yep, they are gastroliths,” he stated. Gastroliths are calcium carbonate gemstones present in yabby stomachs – yabbies need calcium to develop their new shells after moulting.

Once we packed up camping to mind home following a week of enjoyable and challenging fishing, a whitened dingo searching a lot more like an Arctic wolf was high above our camping and gave us a goodbye wail.

Yeah old mate, help you early in the year.

report-tantangara-trout-fishing-world Report: Tantangara trout - Fishing World

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