Public to get say on lobster fleet Australia

Public to get say on lobster fleet move Glenelg Shire Council is calling for public comment on proposed plans for the relocation of Portland’s lobster fleet.

The Portland Harbour Stakeholder Group is proposing lobster boats be relocated to the north-west section of the harbour and not share the west side of the trawler wharf as first suggested.

The Victorian Government will provide $3 million for the relocation, with consultants Bovis Lead Lease pricing the changes for the harbour at $11 million.

Glenelg councillor Frank Zeigler says community opinion may help gain extra funding.

“Where the gap in funding comes from is anyone’s guess,” he said.

“I think we’ve really got to draw the line in the sand and say this clearly is the project, we’ve identified, the project we want to happen, we’ve been out to the community, this is the community’s view and I think that is when we can really start to do some adequate lobbying for appropriate funding to make this come to be.”

ABC Online – Australia

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