Plug chain giveaway #210

Please post “I will give” If you win the Plug, all that is required is that within 7 Days you will post a thread called “Plug Giveaway Chain – Plug # “; and GIVE any new plug to another SOL member and vow to keep this chain alive. My only other request is please keep it so each chain ends on a Sunday.The chosen WINNER should just copy and paste this text (when creating their thread) but be sure to..

1. Change the Plug GIVEAWAY CHAIN – Plug # in your giveaway thread title and message body.
2. Please state the plug you are giving away.
3. Make sure you change the day it will end and the day you will pick your winner. Be Honorable and give away a plug if you win.

I will select a winner via random number generator on Sunday March 30

Winner will get beach master wadd needle.
plug-chain-giveaway-210 Plug chain giveaway #210

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