Perch fishing good Northwest Michigan

Perch fishing good Perch fishing was very good over the last week or so at about every body of water in Northwest Michigan.

Burt Lake has the very best reports, but there were folks out catching perch on Lake Charlevoix, Walloon Lake, Charlevoix’s Round Lake, Mullett Lake and even Lake Michigan off Charlevoix. While a majority of the outdoor set seems to be enjoying the hunting right now rather than the fishing, those that are fishing are doing very well indeed.

Dave at Young’s in Alanson reports fishing is “great” and this is a guy who is normally very conservative. He raves about the monster perch that everyone is catching and there are tales of stringers so impressive that folks are having some of the fish mounted.

Dave says while most of the anglers are concentrating on Burt Lake right now, those few fishing Pickerel Lake and Crooked Lake are also doing well on perch and walleyes. When I was out on Crooked Lake recently (and catching a few walleyes), I chatted with a fellow anglers who had caught some really nice perch there, including one more than 14 inches.

Larry at Pat and Gary’s in Indian River says the fishing is good on both Burt and Mullett Lake. Anglers are getting quite a few perch and walleyes on minnows. Larry says one of the good spots on Mullett Lake is the south end. On Burt Lake, the action is apparently all over that big lake, but the area around Colonial Point and the mouth of the Crooked River is the usual hot spot for perch at this time of the fall.

Tom at Tom’s Tackle in East Jordan confirms anglers are catching perch on Charlevoix’s Round Lake (there were three boats anchored right in the middle of it on Saturday), but states the anglers fishing there are catching mostly small perch and quite a few gobies. Tom reports there are steelhead up in the Jordan River now and anglers are catching them there and also at the mouth of the river, off the docks.

Over in Boyne City, Flo at the Boyne River Bait Company reports the best perch fishing around seems to be at Burt Lake, but anglers are getting some on Lake Charlevoix. Some steelhead are being caught up in the Boyne River.

The fall turkey season is still open and it will remain open until Nov. 14, the day before the firearm deer season opens. The duck season is open in this part of the state now and it will remain open until Dec. 11.

Duck hunters are doing fairly well, although there really aren’t many migrants in this area yet, so most of the action involves local mallards and teal. There are a few divers in the area now but expect a lot more to arrive with each cold front.

The goose season in this part of the state will reopen on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, and remain open through Dec. 5. The short woodcock season closed yesterday, but the grouse season remains open, closing briefly for the firearm deer season and then reopening to endure through Jan. 1.

Hunters are getting primed and ready for the opening of the firearm deer season next Tuesday, on the traditional Nov. 15. While the mid-week opener will attract fewer hunters than a weekend start, few serious deer hunters miss the opener no matter what day of the week it starts. It will be difficult to find a plumber, electrician or carpenter next Tuesday and there is likely to be a real rash of sickness striking schools and businesses.

While communities in this part of the state won’t feel the real rush of the army in orange since we have so little public land, there will still be a lot of extra folks in the area as hunters arrive to hunt with friends or relatives on private land. Restaurants, retail stores and gas stations in the area will all benefit from the extra activity.

Experienced deer hunters will be sure to get their licenses early and avoid the last-minute rush that is sure to occur on Nov. 14.

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