Penarth fishing trip Lady Helen

Penarth fishing trip Lady Helen – Well after a quick drive down the motorway I was in sunny Penarth and was steaming out with mike and the guys on our 9am sail time

Order of the day
Well it was a big tide today, 13.5 ish meters ( Yes that’s meters ) so like every other boat out today it was a case of fishing close into shore

I had my very shinny new uptider to play with and must admit it’s the dogs things . On our first mark we anchored up with various baits going down from whole squid / crab/ mackerel and lamprey all fished on penel rigs

Ok it was me on the lamprey but as said many times before you just never know

With the tide so big , the fishing conditions were hard but with the right lead you could hold bottom. The first fish came to mike which was a lovely 12 ish lb small eyed ray . Now I was thinking that I am going to have a repeat of what happened to me last trip out i.e everyone but me catch ray ( So I started a little fisherman’s mumble for help from the fishing gods ) . Over the next few hours a few conger came aboard but that was about it

So never one to hang around if a mark is not fishing we up anchored and re set in a new location about 3 mile further down the Bristol channel

Thinking that it was not a good idea to be experimenting with new baits ( lamprey ) I switched to whole squid on a penel rig with size 4/0 Aberdeen vcm hooks . With a quick flick on my uptider the grip lead was bedded and the wait began . 10 mins later the old tip had a few nods and then with a reel in to take the bow out of the line I made contact . She was solid

Picture%20041 Penarth fishing trip Lady Helen

So after about 5mins and me playing the fish like it was my first born child it broke the surface — A RAY !!!
thank you god I thought ( so did mike )

Once netted and swung aboard I suddenly thought that’s a bit bigger than normal and sure enough once weighed turned out to be a 17.01 LB Blonde Ray

Picture%20041 Penarth fishing trip Lady Helen

I must abmit I almost did a little jig as I’ve had a rough few month on the old fishing front

That was the last ray of the day and later a few more conger came in and I bumped of a Smoothound

But shock and horror of the day was the “ world famous Penarth doggy man “ did not get one dogfish . He was last seen crying in a pint of beer

The whole area was hard going on the day and no boats got into the action ( good thing about Penarth skippers is there is no bull radio chatter as such )

As an overview – The sun was out the company was brill and a big thanks lads plus a quick beer afterwards in the pub

I had a great day yet again with Mike and the crew on the Lady Helen

CHeers all

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