Penarth boat fishing report UK

Penarth boat fishing on Lady Helen – Well what a nice change for me to only have a 1.15 mins drive to go boat fishing

Penarth is on great roads so getting there from south wales / midlands or Bristol area is a breeze

Back to the Penarth boat fishing trip . Parking is free but not sign posted so check where you park as it is a clamping area but from the guests car park it is only a 2min walk to Lady Helen berth

The weather was tops and met check yet again got it spot on ; force 1 and sunny

With a hello to JuanPablo in the car park we made our way to Lady Helen berth and met the rest of the group who we would be sailing with

On the trip there was six people which made fishing very comfortable. Lady Helen would fish 8 with the comfort but anymore ( think uptiders ) might be a bit tight – she is licienced for 10

So with the hellos out of the way, we set sail to our first mark which was about 40 mins steady steam

On the way the other lads pointed out areas of the coast line that are worth fishing from the shore, of which was tops and greatly appreciated – that’s lads

So all anchored up, out went the rods

A mixture of uptiding and downtiding on 8 oz grip leads was the name of the game today

As for bait – we tried it all
Peeler crab
Cutal fish

All fishing individually or as cocktails ; squid being the most productive

Pennel rig 4/0 were the back bone of the day although at slack water I did put down pat.. rig – 3 hooks size 2s

So what was caught I hear you say
Well it was a busy day and there was almost always a bite going on or a fish coming in

And yes Dogfish – bloody loads of them and must have been 50 plus fish come onboard and then duly released back into the water . I do not mind catching dogfish but one poor guy ( sorry wine has gone to my head and forgotten your name ) was king dogfish man

But the story is not over there so here is the list of fish caught

Dogfish to 2.3lb
Strap conger to 15lb
Smoothounds to 12lb
Buss Huss to 4lb
Thornback ray to 8lb
Starry Smoothound to 5lb
Three bearded rockling

Think thats all of them covered

Thanks to Mike the skipper for putting us on marks that got the fish and it was nice to see so many different fish come aboard . Mark and his mate were always at hand to give help with fish / advice and I must say it was a pleasure to be with a nice friendy skipper and have a good chat

Something that will cheer all new comers reading this thread was that there was a young lady onboard out for her first boat trip — you guested it she bagged up with loads of fish and taking the biggest smoothound of 12lb on the day . I think she well might be going out again ( to the shock of her boyfriend )

JuanPablo catch
Well hope I get this right
Thornback ray
Strap conger
Smoothound 11lb

Well not so good
Bull huss
Strap congers

I targeted rays allday but I did not get one – but hay the rods did not stop rattling with bites and to me that makes a great days fishing

Thanks to JuanPablo for getting it sorted and Mark / crew for a great day out and to the other guys

Cheers Richard

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