Partial net fishing ban Australia

McEwen considers partial net fishing ban The South Australian Fisheries Minister says he will look at banning net fishing in parts of the St Vincent and Spencer gulfs within weeks.

Rory McEwen says he will start implementing further measures to protect fish stocks in the gulfs, immediately after a buy-back of commercial net licences.

The deadline for the net buy-back scheme is less than a fortnight away and despite allocating more money to the scheme last week because of a positive response from fishers, the Minister says there will be no extensions.

He says net fishers who do not take up the buy-back offer will face restrictions, with net bans potentially in place next month.

“We’re looking to quickly move, one of the objectives is to actually remove the netting from some areas – we’ve listed six priority areas as part of the process, I’ll be looking at how quickly I can move to start doing that,” he said.

The Government says Tumby Bay and Venus Bay are among priority areas for the management action.

ABC Online – Australia

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