$&*^%^@# Parcel Force!

What a shower!

Bought a rod off someone a few days ago and missed delivery yesterday. The card says it is at a local Post Office so off I trot this morning. After waiting in a long queue next to a screaming child of Satan, the rod wasn’t there.

Phoned ParcelForce who told me it was at a different Post Office but the address they gave me was yet another PO and that was definitely where it was.

Went down to that PO who didn’t have it either. Phoned PF again and they were adamant it was there, stating the name of the bloke who had signed for it. I went back in and they’ve never heard of that person. PF then try to tell me the PO must be wrong as that is where it is and they can’t do anything until Monday.

Not a happy bunny on the way home but decided to find the 2nd PO. Low and behold, there it was.

I’d imagine that would have been yet another lost item if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find it, after travelling round 3 PO’s.

Rest assured, I had a full and frank discussion with Parcel Force and told them how their business model of delivering stuff fails when the delivery driver has no idea where he is or cares where he dumps the parcels.. and that as that is the only thing they do they might want to sort that bit out. @rseholes!

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