Outdoor Edge Razor lite

Had to buy a ne hunting knife today and as a knife guy i wanted to try something new so i went with the razor lite… Its main selling point is wicked sharp changable blades… And let me tell you, they are stupid sharp! I questioned the sharpness because I usually have to sharpen any knife I get but these blades are stupid sharp! The actual changing of the blade is very easy… You just push a button and the blade pulls out and putting a new one in is as simple as sliding in the guide. It comes with 5 extra blades the are stored in the sheath (It is a folding knife). My biggest worry was that the blade was going to have play but it has basically none even with the typical locking mechanism. They make models that have a standard drop point blade only and others that include a gutting blade along with the drop point… SO far I am very impressed… Hopefully Saturday I can test it on a deer and get back with a better review but for $50 I cant imagine doing much better than this without having to do some blade sharpening

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