Out of Aberystwyth marina tomorrow for an all dayer!!!

After weeks of blanks – poor show’s and small variaty of fish here and there i am goign to pull an all dayer, leaving on the morning tide returning on the flood in the evening i hope to have a great days fishing going to take on extra fule and really hit to coast hard out-of-aberystwyth-marina-tomorrow-for-an-all-dayer Out of Aberystwyth marina tomorrow for an all dayer!!!

Got more bait than you can shake an ugly stick at … hahah i am here all week!!!

Will post a report tomorrow!

all forms / techniques to be tried – float, trawling rods – spinning, feathers, biats

Fingers crossed could this be the day of my first Bass only time will tell. So funny not matter how many times i fisxh i always feel like a kid at christmas the night before a big session, i guess that is why we all fish!

One quick question if i was goign to go say 15 – 20 miles out should i let the Coastguard know? i used to do similar when sailing any fair distances, such as ETA / time of return – rough route umber of people etc?

Speak soon


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